Our Process

Our Process

If you are interested in serving as a supported worker through Donor Fund, that is super cool. Our desire is to help make sure the process to begin serving in your area of calling is as quick and painless as possible.


Whether you are serving at home or abroad, your calling deserves a partner who believes in you.
The following process is specifically outlined for individual workers. If you are a church or other ministry, please contact us for more specifics.

What Is Our Process?


For new workers who have never been on the field or are moving to a new organization, we require a formal letter of invitation from the organziation be submitted from an executive level leader outlining your role and acceptance into their care on the field.


We consider ourselves to be local church enthusiasts. As such, we require a letter of reference from a local church to which you are committed and have served. This reference should include their support of your work on the field as well as doubling as a character reference. The reference should be completed by a senior member of the general staff or missions staff.


Complete a brief online application allowing us to get to know you and your family (if applicable). If you have questions please feel free to call us and we will gladly walk you through it.


A phone call is the last leg of our process. This call allows us and you to ask any final questions about what can be expected as a registered worker with Donor Fund. It usually can be concluded within 30 minutes.

For Current Field Workers

From time to time field workers who currently raise their support have the need to change organizations through whom they associate financially.  We understand, and we welcome  you to join us with the following considerations:

You are leaving your current organization with a resolved relationship to the best of your ability

You are able to show your commitment to a local North American church who will provide a recommendation for you.

Donor Fund Services Agreement

Before you move forward in filling out an application be sure to first read the “General Information & Service Agreement”.

Apply To Donor Fund

Click on the button below to be redirected to our application page. We will be in contact once it has been submitted.
It is painless, we promise.

What Others Say

  • For years we’ve raised support as independent missionary/pastors.  When we moved into the inner-city we needed an organization to support us in ways that had not previously been available to us without burdensome overhead.  Donor Fund has been the perfect organization for us.

    Deese Family