Workers And Christian Ministries Around The World Find A Trusted Partner In Donor Fund


Donor Fund is a ministry service of the Christian Ministry Alliance, a 501(c)3 organization devoted to the excellence and capacity building of the local church and para-church.


Donor Fund is specifically designed to partner with those who want to serve Jesus and raise their support. Whether it be campus ministries, churches, cross-cultural & U.S. based missionaries, or short-term mission teams, Donor Fund provides freedom from many of the administrative duties and provides accountability to maximize Biblical stewardship of resources, and effective communication with ministry partners.

What We Provide

As a missionary service program, we have worked hard to cut out all the unnecessary hoop jumping with industry-leading technology, allowing workers and projects organizations to focus on their ministry calling.

We provide you a home office to cover all he administrative activities that normally comes with missions service. As your administrative support we offer a full compliment of supportive services for your peace of mind.

Easy Online Donation

Through Donor Fund’s online giving platform, a donation can be made online 24-hours a day.

Personal Domain

Every new account receives a personal domain for easy access by donors.

A Personal Home Office

Donor Fund serves as your Home Office with dependable and compentent personnel to process your donations and answer donor questions.

Donor Tracking

We gladly include a web-based tracking software so each donation from each donor can be effectively tracked.

Recurring Giving

Donors can set up recurring giving so that monthly gifts are never overlooked.

Online Profile Page

We provide each worker and project an online profile where donors and potential donors alike can read about your ministry and donate.

Security Sensitivity

For those in a restricted area of the world, we are able to hide your identity and still receive donations on your behalf.

Donation Statements

We will send official donation statements to each donor for their records.

Tax Statements

We provide annual 1099-MISC tax statements to assist in tax preparation.